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Hydro Buoyancy

Hydro Buoyancy

With our patented Hydro Buoyancy System (HBS) the possibilities are limitless! Anyone of any age or ability can exercise through any injury, or physical challenge.

The most advanced HBS in the world maximises NO IMPACT training in water. Aqua Running speeds up rehabilitation from a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions.

Aqua Running

Aqua Running

Our Aqua Running Hydro Buoyancy System is a unique metabolic training concept which uses every muscle group in the body in every fitness and training session.

Our HBS Training System is officially endorsed by Sanitas Real Madrid Medical Services and fully CE Certified to the highest European Safety Standards.

Our Growing Client List:

Conditioning For Those Who Find Exercise Difficult

Anyone of any age seeking to safely improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, endurance and increase flexibility will find the answer in Deep Water Running.

Regaining control of your life:

Deep water running also has benefits in helping a wide range of medical conditions and individuals with personal challenges and helping people who suffer from depression by raising their metabolism and producing a rejuvenating feel good factor. People feel great after Aqua Running!

Weight control:

Aqua Running exercise burns calories faster than any known activity and fights obesity while firming and toning the body. Aqua Running classes provide the all important social atmosphere and support of a group activity.

Control of arthritis and back pain:

A wide variety of back pain can be relieved through Aqua Running exercise. Arthritis sufferers, many too immobile for other forms of exercise can take control of their pain and increase their range of movement.

Cardiac rehabilitation:

Cardiac patients find that Aqua Running exercise provides a workout equal to or superior to dry land activities. Aqua Running allows you to exercise as intensive as on dry land with a heart rate 10-15 beats lower!

Rehabilitation therapy:

Aqua Running exercises allow anyone recovering from an illness, injury or surgery to resume normal activities more rapidly than conventional methods. Aqua Running exercise significantly speeds up recovery time.

Overall fitness, virtually no risk of injury:

Aqua Running using our Patented Hydro Buoyancy System takes all of these benefits to another level and will leave you feeling relaxed, invigorated and refreshed.


To a new concept in exercise for rehabilitation and fitness with the unique Aqua Running HBS Body Suit.

Change your life now!

Aqua Running
Aqua Running
Aqua Running
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