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Anyone can exercise in the suit. That’s the catalyst to achieving other things. That’s what the suit does, it helps to change people’s lives, because we understand exactly how they feel.

Aqua Running in deep water with no impact is one of the highest calorie burning activities in the world, with the added benefit of no impact.


Suspended comfortably in the HBS Suit in deep water up to shoulder level, a person is able to breath easily and perform a wide range of movements, as their body is completely supported by the buoyancy of the HBS suit in the water. The chances of injury are virtually non-existent.


Anyone of any age, ability or disability can safely improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance and increase flexibility. With the Aqua Running Hydro Buoyancy System the possibilities are limitless! Anyone can now train intensively through any injury, any illness, and any physical challenge.


The Aqua Running HBS body suit reduces body weight by 90% in the water so a person who might weigh 130 kilos will only weigh 13 kilos in the HBS body suit in the pool. Due to hydrostatic pressure heart rate Aqua Running in the suit is 10-15 beats lower than on land, which means a person can exercise much more intensively with less strain on the heart.

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Aqua Running

Terry Nelson, a former midfield player with Liverpool FC was forced to retire from the game through repetitive injury. Having left football he began a career as a paratrooper but was devastated to receive the news that he would face death within six months and had to leave the military due to kidney failure unless he had an urgent transplant.

He refused to believe the diagnosis, continued hard training, came close to death and was forced on to kidney dialysis for the next 2.5 years. In 1988 his brother Dean gave up his own military career and donated one of his kidneys.

Aqua Running

To repay his brother he decided to become the fittest transplant patient in the world. He began running and 15 months after the transplant he completed the London Marathon. He swept the board at the 1992 British Transplant Games by winning gold medals in the 400m, 1500m and 5000m. He was then selected to run for Great Britain at the World Transplant Games in Vancouver, Canada in 1993.

Sadly, 12 months later and only 6 weeks before the World Championships, he was told his transplant was rejecting added to this he suffered a severe fracture to his foot. Searching for a way to keep his running dream alive, he found the answer in a magazine article from the USA about aqua jogging. He sent off for the equipment which would enable him to begin intensive running and training in the deep end of the local swimming pool.

With guidance from Dr. Malcolm Brown of the GB Olympic Team, he progressed so well that within 6 weeks his foot had healed and he convinced the medical staff that he was fit to compete. He won Gold and became the 5000m World Transplant Champion (the toughest event in which a transplant patient can compete) in a time of 15min 59secs.

After this success he came back to England and a week later ran in the British Transplant Games where he picked up two more gold medals at 1500m and 5000m, but by then he was seriously ill and forced back on to dialysis.

Terry spent the next 12 years attached to a kidney dialysis machine 6 days a week, but continued Aqua Running as his only therapy. After his second transplant in 2006 Terry decided to focus on training. Terry travelled around the world learning from the top specialists in deep water running. Putting to use the skills, experiences and knowledge he developed whilst running in the pool, he is widely regarded as one of the worlds leading experts on deep water running. Terry then used all of his experiences of illness and injury to develop the unique Aqua Running X6 Hydro Buoyancy Suit and Training System.

Despite Terrys recent leg amputation and being fitted with a heart pacemaker and defibrillator he trains every day in the pool and is driven to pass on his knowledge to make a real difference to people’s lives around the world.

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