Aqua Running Kids

Confidence And Security

The Aqua Running HBS Children’s Body Suit is fully CE Marked to the Highest European Safety Standards.

This allows a child to play and exercise in complete safety without the fear of drowning and parents can be confident their child is safe in the water. Our Aqua Running children’s bodysuit also offers excellent protection from the sun

Correct Aqua Running Position

The patented Aqua Running Suit increases buoyancy in the lumbar region, building core strength, raising a child’s lower body into a vertical position with their head above the water, putting them into correct alignment for running/jogging in the water.

Total Freedom Of Movement

With the buoyancy of the suit, a child’s legs are positioned at the correct kicking or running angle, arms are completely free to learn a variety of strokes, while the head and neck are above the water line for unrestricted breathing.

The Benefits

A child can now exercise, burn calories, fight childhood obesity, build strength, coordination, flexibility and increase overall fitness without impact or strain on growing bones, tendons and joints.

A child should always be under adult supervision whilst wearing the suit.

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Children in Water
Children in Water
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