Do I need to be able to swim?

No! You will not sink in the suit. The suit passes the head above water tests to the Highest European Safety Standards, although it is not a life saving device.

I suffer from arthritis can I run in the suit?

Absolutely yes! There is no impact so the suit should reduce any pain you may have while you exercise.

I have had a Hip replacement can I use the suit when I leave hospital?

Yes! With your physicians advice you can exercise very early in your rehabilitation in the suit. Take care that the wound is completely healed as water can cause infection to open wounds.

I have high blood pressure, will the suit help my condition?

Yes! Aqua Running is known to help lower blood pressure when exercising in the water.

I have recently had a Heart Bypass, can I exercise in the suit?

Yes! While immersed in water in an upright position, hydro static pressure caused by the water on your chest enables you to exercise with the same intensity as land but with a lower heart rate. Care must be taken immediately after your operation and gradually increase the intensity of you workout over time.

I have back problems can I use the suit?

Yes! See above - the suit is perfect for back pain while exercising, as there is no impact so very little compression on your spine.

Will the suit help me lose weight?

Absolutely yes! Aqua Running is proven to be very high calorie burning and fights obesity. The extra resistance from the suit helps even more calorie burning.

Can I use the suit in pregnancy?

Yes! The suit simply zips up over your bump without the pressure on your baby usually caused by ordinary flotation belts. Aqua Running and Aqua Jogging is known to increase oxygen to your baby so helping good health and also helps relieve the effects of stretch marks after pregnancy. An added benefit of the suit is that you can safely exercise very late into pregnancy taking a little more care and less intensity the closer you get to the birth date.

Can Children use the suit to recover from illness and injury?

Yes! The suit has very positive benefits for children after illness and injury. All of the benefits that adults get can be had by children. Also there is no strain on growing bones, joints, muscles or tendons.

My child can’t swim, can they use the suit?

Absolutely yes! Our suit is Certified to the Highest European Safety Standards EN13138-1:2008 which helps to give a parent and child confidence that they are safe in the water. However, the suit is not a life saving device.

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